Immediate Help and Long-Term Success For Individuals 

Annapurna offers comprehensive individualized wellness strategies to help clients overcome difficulties such as anxiety, stress, and depression.

Out first step is to listen to our clients to develop a complete understanding of their context and barriers that might get in the way of a calmer and happier life. We then take this understanding and develop a plan of action based on education, empowerment, and self-mastery that is unique for each client. We then aid in motivating and inspiring our clients to not only resolve or reframe their problems, but also to develop long-term coping strategies that, in turn, keep clients thriving and allows them to continue growing through their problems and life’s difficulties.

Our method is based on personal empowerment, education, and long-term strategies that aim at the root of problems rather than just trying to make discomfort go away in the short term. Quick fix strategies often lead to worsening the issue. Annapurna is interested in helping people learn the skills they require to thrive in the long run.

If you have tried other strategies but have not gotten the results you want, then perhaps we can help. Annapurna uses a variety of philosophies to help empower people to grow through their experiences. Through proper education, understanding, and support we see our clients thrive.

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The three pillars we use in our programs are:


We teach each individual about what is known about stress, anxiety, and depression. Truthfully, everyone’s experience with these issues is different. To account for this, we offer a comprehensive education that allows each person to form their own beliefs about their experience that will ultimately lead to a greater awareness and enlightenment about how they experience the world. This education leads to empowerment where a person has been given the necessary tools to face and overcome their difficulties.


Once a person has completed the educational phase, the next phase is empowerment. No one can solve someone else’s problems. Thinking otherwise is a false assumption. Once a person is properly versed in the various theories and facts about stress, anxiety, and depression, then can they start to understand how they will help themselves. The empowerment phase is a coaching phase where our clients take the education we provided them and start to put it into daily practice.


The self-mastery phase is when our clients are confident and self-reliant. The have been given all the necessary tools and coaching and are ready to move through their issues by themselves through adapting the lessons and experiences in the education and empowerment phases. Clients often check in at intervals for additional support to report their successes and drawbacks. However, this phase is one where clients are fully versed and prepared to move through any further experiences with stress, anxiety, and/or depression.

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