For organizations, Annapurna offers a suite of services tailored to an organization’s specific needs. Workplace wellness has become a popular conversation topic and companies are doing their utmost to understand and adapt to improving the health of their staff.

If you’ve said or thought the following, then your organization might benefit from an education session from Annapurna:

“We have such a high turnover and people are always calling in sick…” 

“People seem to come to work but aren’t really engaged…” 

“We have a lot of people out on stress leave…” 

Existing services and workshops are aimed at subject matter that both educates clients and helps to enhance organizational health and wellness.

Annapurna offers information sessions and workshops on the following topics:

  • Stress and anxiety reduction in the workplace.
  • Developing a Respectful and Stress-Free Workplace: Reducing turnover, sick days, and workplace drama identifying and managing sociopathic personalities, up-managers, difficult people, and detoxifying ‘toxic’ work environments.
  • Building, enhancing, and maintaining a healthy work environment through reformation of HR practices (we call HR ‘people and culture’ or ‘human respect department’).
  • Mindfulness and philosophical seminars for organizations.
  • How to design effective policy and practices for an ethical and functional workplace.
  • Healthy workplace audits and reporting.

Customized services include:

  • Workplace environmental scans designed to develop a greater understanding of problems that may not seem obvious.
  • Policy analysis and writing to develop healthy workplace guidelines.